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Catarina Gushiken

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Catarina Gushiken was born in São Paulo. In college she studied design communications as well as painting, photography and sculpturing, which helped her discover new ways of thinking and creating her own unique works of art. At this point in her life she started to meet with artists who were developing projects related to fashion; as a result, her career began while she was still in school.

After graduating, she worked in the fashion design field for eight years. For a time, she also took a job as a style coordinator. Yet she always knew that her true passion was in painting and design. In 2007, motivated by her dream to work full time in the arts, she opened her own studio.

Possessing a free-thinking personality without prejudices or preconceptions, she chooses to showcase her works in diverse platforms such as screens, walls, toys, books and other objects. She also does commissioned projects and mounts personal exhibits.

In her studio, she reserves a special space she calls “the illustrated room” that is dedicated to art classes. She opens her classroom doors to everyone who wishes to discover the creative universe. Students and friends alike pay frequent visits to her studio. She delights in guiding them through a personal journey as she gives them a tour of her own studio.