Behind the Scenes
Sometimes it is not easy to promote positive interchange. How to increase awareness in a documentary production as intense as West Encounters East? The shooting of WEE was extremely complex. The team was made up of a rich cultural mix: Japanese Brazilians, Italian Brazilians, Argentines, Argentine Japanese, Panamanians, Americans, Cuban Americans and more. The subordination of many subjective points of view in pursuit of a clear goal showed that greater tolerance and mutual respect are possible …but sacrifice is required. It required letting of the ego and learning to trust one another. Stella Holmes, the project’s visionary and guide, kept the project on track. Tanabata Matsuri, a traditional Japanese festival shown in WEE, commemorates a mythical a journey through the Milky Way. That same trip was undertaken on the River Pilcomayo by a little girl of mixed ancestry who longed to come to terms with her dual identity. That girl was Stella Holmes. Her birth name, Lucero, means light – a prediction of a brilliant future. WEE illuminates the power of cross-cultural ENCOUNTERS on the infinite path of self-discovery.

WEE Team.