Knights Arts Challange Finalist

Contemporary Arts Program at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens named a Knights Arts Challenge South Florida Finalist Brickellian President Stella M. Holmes is a principal supporter of the program

Miami – May 9, 2014 – Vizcaya Museum and Garden’s Contemporary Arts Program has been named a finalist in the 2014 Knight Arts Challenge South Florida, a program of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
The Contemporary Arts Program invites artists to develop site-specific work inspired by Vizcaya that draw connections between the past and the present.

“I am proud to be a supporter of this program, along with The Danielson Foundation, Harpo Foundation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Family Foundation,” said Brickellian President Stella M. Holmes, who is a trustee of the museum. “It is wonderful to see this project get recognition from the very prestigious Knight Foundation. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a unique and important part of Miami’s history. I believe that if we do not preserve our cultural heritage, we as a community will lose something we cannot get back.”

The Knight Arts Challenge is a local initiative to draw the best and most innovative ideas out of local organizations and individuals seeking to transform the community through the arts. Vizcaya was one of 75 out of more than 1,100 applicants to reach the final round. Winners, who will be announced in December, will receive matching grants from the Foundation. The Brickellian is an umbrella organization that includes West Encounters East, a film production company; The Brickellian, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to arts, culture and style; and The Brickellian Art Consultancy, which offers expert art consulting and acquisition services.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was created as James Deering’s subtropical winter home in the 1910s. Today it is a National Historic Landmark and accredited museum.

  John S. and James L. Knight Foundation invests in artistic excellence, funding arts projects that engage the Knight resident communities in collective cultural experiences.