Miami, FL, August 21, 2013 – The documentary film West Encounters East, a film by Stella M. Holmes, recently screened at four film festivals, during the first season it was submitted for consideration on the competitive film festival circuit.

In August, West Encounters East opened the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami (BFF). Founded by Inffinito in 1997, BFF Miami was the first film festival created outside of Brazil to showcase Brazilian movies.

In October, Ms. Holmes’s film was shown as an official selection of three film festivals: the New York City Independent Film Festival, which introduces independent films in a variety of genres to the entertainment industry and the public; LA Femme Film Festival, which screens films made by women, and Orlando Film Festival, which looks for “good films to screen to huge crowds of cinema-lovers.”

West Encounters East takes viewers on a journey to uncover a vibrant and unique art world. It casts light on a little-known population: the Japanese Brazilians, comprising the largest population of ethnic Japanese outside of Japan itself. The film explores the fusion of culture, history and tradition and the ongoing integration of Asian traditions into Latin American culture in the works of well-known Japanese Brazilian artists such as Tomie Ohtake, Yutaka Toyota, Takashi Fukushima, Kazuo Okubo, Catarina Gushiken and many others. The story of these multicultural artists, told primarily through their canvases, sculptures, ceramics and photography, brings to light the dynamic and little-known saga of the Japanese presence in Brazil. “Bridging cultures through art has always captured my soul, especially cultures that are so vastly different,” says Ms. Holmes, whose experience of growing up with a Paraguayan mother and Argentine father gave her valuable insights into the issues and challenges examined in this film.

West Encounters East debuted nationally on WPBT Channel 2 in South Florida, and was subsequently aired on 280 television channels nationwide. Production of the film was made possible with support from Maria Estela Santacruz.

About Stella M. Holmes

An art historian and documentary filmmaker, Stella M. Holmes makes her home in Miami, Florida. West Encounters East is the first of a series of documentaries exploring harmonious encounters between Eastern and Western traditions through art.

Media Contact: Carolina Lucero

West Encounters East